A wonderful world of extremely personalized stories making each child a super Star.


The Wonder Book

A wonderful world of extremely personalized stories making each child a super hero, The Wonder Book is the most creative way to enhance your child’s reading skills. Uniquely crafted stories with moral lessons, values and tons of excitement, will take children from ordinary life to extraordinary adventure!

Each volume of The Wonder Book contains THREE STORIES based on the child’s personality and behavior. We use the child’s face as the star character of the book, thus making sure that the stories are easily relatable.

The Wonder Book is a personalized keepsake, spreading smiles on tiny faces as they grow up believing in themselves!

The Idea

The Wonder Book is a passion! Most children grow up believing that they are just like everyone else. It is our passion to turn around the life of every child, and making them a unique super hero that gave birth to The Wonder Book!

With The Wonder Book, we make sure that the child and everyone around her/him captures the essence of talent in her/him and in the process, cultivates a genius.

The Creator

Surbhi Toshniwal
Writer by profession, curator by passion!

Surbhi has been a passionate writer since the last 15 years, penning down her views in various genres and themes. Being an avid reader since her childhood, she developed a strong sense of imagination, which helps her put herself in the character’s shoes while writing. Living in a joint family with many kids has helped her understand child behavior to a great extent! Along with her ideas and her team’s unending support, she wishes to make every child hold a smart book rather than a smart phone!
Surbhi loves to spend time with her family, and read whatever she can lay her hands on!

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